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Elevate Building Company was started in 2017 after Dave Calverley spent 20 years as a project manager for various development and building companies. In this role, he has built hospitality, retail, office, special use, mixed use and residential properties.

At Elevate Building Company, we are well aware of our clients’ desire to maximize ROI for each construction project, so we have become extremely efficient in our delivery. Dave’s passion for construction drove him to obtain his license to enable him to build for a variety of clients.

Our Promise


With so many uncertainties, it is important to partner with companies that display the highest level of integrity. Amidst the challenges of each construction project, our clients trust us to do our job right the first time, every time. From the pre-construction phase to the final punch list, we put our clients’ interests first.



Our guiding value is accountability; not only to our clients, but to a higher ethical standard. As a result, out integrity is on display for all stakeholders in the construction process. We inspire the highest level of accountability from subcontractors, laborers, suppliers, etc. and stakeholder can rest easy knowing we will do the right thing.


Efficiency signifies a level of performance that describes a process that uses the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest amount of outputs. We believe efficiency is the key to producing the highest ROI for each project. Our ability to deploy efficient processes in every step of each construction project allows us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Meet Our Founders

Dave Calverley – President

As a former US Army Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne division (13E Cannon Fire Directional Specialist, FT. Bragg NC, January 1990 – May 1994), Dave Calverley brings the highest level of discipline and character to all of his projects. Dave’s clients rely on him to provide operational efficiencies and accountability to subcontractors and workers.

23 years of hands-on experience in the commercial and residential building industry has given Dave a wealth of knowledge in many areas including: Construction logistics (commercial and residential), compliance standards and permitting process in multiple municipalities and real estate activity within the Raleigh-Durham real estate market.

Lindsey Calverley – Vice President

Lindsey Calverley is a commercial real estate marketing guru and leasing expert. She is an active member of the brokerage community and maintains relationships within all levels of the commercial real estate value chain. This unique perspective gives Elevate Building Company a depth of service which allows them to see the full value of their property.

Lindsey graduated from North Carolina State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. She holds her North Carolina Real Estate License and has been active in the industry since graduation in 2011 when she started working with commercial property owners and tenants.

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